Polka Dots Prints to Decorate Your Home
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Home décor is one thing that people like to keep it up to date. Thus, most of us are always in search of home décor that looks trendy and also stays in fashion for long. So, here in this blog post, we are listing one evergreen design that will make your home décor look awesome. The thing we are talking about is none other than the famous Polka Dots. Scroll down the page and get to know some smart ways to decorate your home with polka dots:

1. Highlight a Wall – Design one of the living room walls with polka dot wallpaper and experience the difference yourself. Make sure to choose a colour of polka dots and background of the wall by considering the colour of your furniture. Place a solid colour sofa and offer a scuttle colour to the wall on which polka dots of a fluorescent will leave an impeccable impression.

Highlight a Wall with Polka Dots
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2. Rugs with Polka Dots – A rug is a thing that elevates the style of a room. So, place this home décor item in all areas of a home including living and bedroom along with lobby and porch area and offer a smart look to the home décor. We suggest you choose a solid colour in synchronization with bed linen, curtain and other items in the room.

Rugs with Polka Dots
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3. Curtains with Polka Dots – This home décor item is an essential part of every home. So, bring curtains printed with polka dots home this season and offer a stylish look to the entire place. The hanging of bright coloured curtains with white coloured polka dots offers a stunning look to the entire home décor.

Curtains with Polka Dots
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4. Cushions with Polka Dots – Design the cushions of sofa and chairs in a different manner. Place the opposite colours on each cushion and witness the smart change in home décor. The placing of white and black coloured cushion covers with opposite coloured polka dots surely offers an adorable look.

Cushions with Polka Dots
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5. Dining Table Cover with Polka Dots – Remove that age-old transparent looking dining table cover and place this beautiful polka dots printed cover and enhance the look of a dining table. Also, you can place a full cover else you can give multiple folds to this cover and place it in a diagonal-shape to make the home décor look different.

Dining Table Cover with Polka Dots
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6. Kitchen with Polka Dot Design – You must have witnessed fruits, cooking utensils and vegetable prints on the wall of a cooking junction. But now it’s time for a change. Now put up a polka dot designed wallpaper in the kitchen and make this place look astounding like no other cooking junction.

Kitchen with Polka Dot Design
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7. Washroom Tiles with Polka Dots – Give the bathing space an unusual design by fixing tiles with polka dot design. This will offer a smart look to the washroom and will also make you enjoy a round of applause for having a sense of home decor.

Washroom Tiles with Polka Dots
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