7 Rug Decor Ideas to Style Your Home
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Rugs offer an elegant look to the place thus the royal families in the ancient times use to decorate their castles with this fabric. The rugs are smaller than carpet and cover the rectangular space therefore people use them to cover the floorings.

This rectangular-shaped fabric is available in distinct colors and designs such as Persian rug, Turkish rug, Jute rug, and rug made from Silk. Of course, you have also covered the floor or the carpet area with rugs as they enhance the look of your floor.

But, have you ever tried to decorate home with these rugs in a different manner? If not then here are the tips to style your home elegantly by placing a rug in an unusual manner.

  1. Frame Up the Rug –

Choose a traditional-styled rug and get it framed. The plain-border frame will enhance the design of your rug. Place this framed rug in the lobby or any other section and fill in the void space of the wall. Remember to place this decorative rug on a single wall of the room. Else it will look like a cluttered place.

Frame Up the Rug
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  1. Hang Up the Rug –

Give a classic look to your study room by hanging up the contemporary-designed rug. Try to choose bright single color rug as it will enhance the background color of the wall. This vibrant color combination will offer a different and refreshing look to the study room.

Hang Up the Rug
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  1. Rug Headboard –

A bed without a headboard looks incomplete and some headboards won’t reflect the exact style which you want. In this case, install a curtain rod above the bed and hang up a rug there. This will revamp your bedroom like never before.

Rug Headboard
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  1. Rug Scenery for Living Room –

Bring in a single-colored sofa and place the rug in a horizontal manner on the wall. Make sure you tuck the rug at equal distance to offer a curtain-like feel in the living room.

Rug Scenery for Living Room
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  1. Decorate Ceiling with Rug –

If you have a false ceiling and have bored with the same design then it’s a perfect time to change.  Bring in a square–shaped box with contrast rug designs in the block of four to hang up on the false ceiling. This will give an artistic touch to the home.

Decorate Ceiling with Rug
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  1. Contemporary Table Runner –

You can also lay a rug on the dining table as a runner apart from laying this costly fabric on the floor. Pick an abstract design or a geometrical shape to place on the tabletop.

Contemporary Table Runner
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  1. Rug Runner for Staircase –

Welcome your guest with rug runner this time. Place a rug which contrasts with the color of your staircase and give a royal touch to your home.

Rug Runner for Staircase
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These seven decorative rugs placement will make your home look like a royal adobe. So, step out and shop for the rug and enjoy the royal experience at your adobe.