Home Décor Tips for Scorpions
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The Scorpions are ruled by power-monger Pluto and are always in a state of authority. In fact, the magnetism, passionate, loyal and protective nature of those born between October 23-November 22 makes them a favourite person amongst friends and family. Another perspective of a scorpion person is that they are daring enough to step out of a relationship with any person if they feel betrayed.

Phoenix is scorpions birth sign which is also a mythological bird that has the power to recreate itself. These people look for a home that really offers comfort and also they wish to have an abode where one can feel relaxed, secure and positive. So, check out the important home décor tips to enhance the beauty of your home.

Complete Home Décor Tip

Those born under the Scorpion sun sign are of secret nature. These people love to have a mystique atmosphere around and thus the shades of black, burgundy, purple and red suits their home. Also, the scorpions are suggested to have unusual plants and locked trunks at home to enhance the mood. In fact, the placement of home décor items made from recycled products is best for you as it shows another perspective of a scorpion.

Colours for Scorpions

Strengthen Hues: The dark colours are said to grab negative vibes but the Scorpions love the dark shades. Hence, the people ruled by this sun sign are required to balance life by adding a green colour to the home décor. Use Olive Green in home decoration as this will minimize the ill effect of negative vibes that are absorbed by dark shades such as burgundy, purple, black and more.

The green colour denotes freshness and is also known to eradicate weakness. So, bring some green colour inside a home and empower yourself with confidence, wealth and health.

Green for Harmony: Add home décor accessories in green colour whenever you have planned guests or a get-together. This is the best way to restrict the entry of evil eye inside the abode.

Colours to Enhance Earning Power: Blue colour is best suitable to enhance earning power. So, the people ruled by scorpion sun sign must add blue colour elements at their workstation.

Furniture for Scorpions:

The heavy furniture with storage space is best suitable for you. This offers a mystical look and ensures proper placement of things in various closets. Also, you must have open shelves and a book rack to flaunt the memories and laurels. The people rule by scorpion sun sign should also have a dedicated space to keep books and the placement of this book rack should be in the living room.

Fragrance for Scorpion:

Because of the secretive nature, you like the mystic fragrance. So, bring home the incense sticks or aroma oils in the flavours of Frankincense, clarysage, sandalwood and khus. You can also spray room perfumes of these flavours to regulate the flow of fresh air inside a home.

Fabrics for Scorpions: 

Velvet, brocade and silk are the best fabrics for a person ruled by Scorpion sun sign. Shop for bed linens, cushions, curtains and other home décor items in this material and enjoy the slice of life.

Lighting for Scorpions:

You can give home a different look by adjusting the intensity of lights. Illuminate candles and other false lightings and decorate home with positivity like never before.

Have a Clutter-Free Home

This is a very important home décor tip. The cluttered area breaks the flow of positivity. Hence, you are suggested to keep the home and workplace clean and clear as it ensures positive vibes across the place which reflects in your good health, regular income and prosperous family life.