Bedroom Decoration
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We all know that home is where the heart is. But, do you also know that bedroom is the most essential part of a home. Yes, apart from decorating the entire home, you must also emphasize on making this private space look alluring. So, check out these stunning international themed bedrooms that can help you make the stylish bedtime area:

  1. Contemporary Bedroom

This theme is suitable for all small, medium and big-sized bedrooms as the minimalistic inclusion of furniture in a contemporary-themed bedroom ensure a smart look. The low-heightened chandeliers with a low-floored bed and a side-table set the mood for relax and a peaceful space. The comfortable bed linens with a few pillows and cushions on the bed add up to the look of the entire bedroom.

Contemporary Bedroom
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2. Parsi Bedroom

The Parsi people have a fancy for frills and flowers this reflects in their home décor. So, give your bedroom a Parsi touch by adding frilled bed linens and curtains to the bedroom. Make sure you choose bright and beautiful colours in order to make the arena look aesthetically beautiful.

Parsi Bedroom
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3. European Bedroom

Widely famous for a rich-lifestyle, this theme-based bedroom will offer an amusing look to the place. The flashy chandelier and lamps in the room make the place shine nice and bright. Also, the furniture designed in old-fashion entices you to live a European lifestyle every day.

European Bedroom
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4. Country Bedroom

The countryside home means the residential structure purely made from wood and so does the bedroom. The addition of stone walls inside the bedroom with the blend of wood offers a classic touch to the décor.

Country Bedroom
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5. English Bedroom

The English lifestyle is inspired by the royals and hence the adding of curtains to the bed ensures you to have a royal life. Also, the portrait of your choice on the wall adjacent to the bed will create a perfect English bedroom atmosphere.

English Bedroom
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6. Vintage Bedroom

This bedroom design resembles to that of the movies of earlier times. This soft and a fairy looking design suits the private space as it makes you live a fairy tale life after coming back home from a stressed day at work.

Vintage Bedroom
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7. Indian Bedroom

The Indians love for their culture and vibrant colours is loud and clear. Hence, the bright colored walls with decorative wall hanging offer an ethnic look to the place. Also, the Madhubani painting on one of the walls in the bedroom makes space look traditional at times.

Indian Bedroom
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