Design Perfect Kitchen
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From carrying the memory of your first cooking to your late night fulfilling meal, a kitchen is a way to a personal space for many. What many concentrates on is the design first, what matters equally is its functionality. We list some errors that are way too common while designing a kitchen and can help you be cautious while building or re-building your dream kitchen. Here are the essential tips to design your perfect Kitchen:

1. Optimum utilisation of space

Paying close attention to cabinet width and height is most important. Generally, apartments in India have 9-10 feet height of ceiling which means more storage space. Make sure, the cabinets are below the cornice so that there is maximum utilisation of vertical space. But don’t limit your storage space by having cabinets lesser than the size mentioned. If you do not have budget constraints, you can opt for wider storage space

Optimum utilisation of space
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2. Changing Parameters

Earlier the benchtops used to measure 90 cm in height. Now, they comfortably measure 91-93 cm. Though it seems like a minute detail, it is quite useful for adults as well as teenagers. They can be easily cleaned and are cost-effective which makes it highly durable.

Changing Parameters
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3. Flow of traffic

Stove, refrigerator, and sink are some of the high traffic areas in the kitchen and need to be absolutely planned to suit the space. Any sort of hurdle or hindrance in the way is a strict no-no. Space should be optimally used without causing extreme disturbances. Countertops should be well-thought of and functional. Their lack is considered one of the common faults in kitchen design. The countertop space should be effectively used. 

Flow of traffic
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4. Drawers, appliance and cabinet doors

Make sure none of the appliances or drawers or cabinet doors clash against each other if opened together. Refrigerator, oven and other appliances should be not be hitting each other or causing damage to each other in any way. It is usually the most common mistake while remodeling/upgrading the kitchen space.

Drawers, appliance and cabinet doors
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5. Appliance: Space

The size of the appliance whether an oven, coffee maker or a dishwasher needs to be proportionate to the space it is supposed to occupy, especially on a benchtop. Those items which are not in use will also have to be accommodated for future use. So make sure, the designer knows.

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6. Lights on!

An inefficient lighting plan for the kitchen takes away from the beauty and glamour of the kitchen while also making the space lack in safety standards. Using recessed lighting can help lit the space evenly. But if you want to reduce the brightness, place the lights 24 inches apart. Ensure that adequate light is provided wherever kitchen related tasks take place.

Kitchen Lights
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7. Stop designing for trends

Keep an eye for trendy designs but not consider it as the design book. Remember, what might be a fad today might change fast and reduce the value of your property in the long run. So, if you design your home resourcefully keeping in mind utility and long-term value, it will pay rich dividends when you plan to sell it off.  

Kitchen Trends
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