A Lampshade is a decorative fitting that is used to cover the bulb attached to it. It diffuses the light that the bulb emits and creates an altogether different aura in any room where it is placed. Markets are full of various styles and designs of lamp shades. Then, why to buy the same boring designs every time when you can easily DIY them with simple creative and unique ideas.

Take a look at 7 innovative DIY lampshades ideas that can easily brighten up your monotonous home decor:

Concrete Lampshade

Lampshades made of concrete or cement is in trend these days. Such lampshades not only look unique but also add impact to any kind of lighting fixtures. Install them outside the pendant lights and give your space a modern look.

silicone concrete lampshade
Img : alicdn

Painted Ombre Lampshades

Such lampshades are made from different coloured hair dyes. So, when light passes through the shade, it emits colourful lights and creates a soothing ambiance in the room

painted ombre lampshade
Img : bhg

DIY Floral Lampshade

It’s time to give your boring lampshade a new look by painting it with bold colours and flower patterns. Keep in mind that the base of the lamp must be neutral in order to give it a simple yet elegant look.

floral lampshade
Img : pinimg

Knitted Lampshades

Give a warm effect to the room by placing hand-knitted lampshades to either table lamp or pendant lights. You can use different coloured knitted sweaters that gel best with your room colour.

sweater lampshade
Img : ezyshine

Jute Lampshade

A jute lampshade gives a natural look to your home. Placing a jute lampshade in your living area or dining area adds uniqueness to the overall space.

natural jute lampshade
Img : notonthehighstreet

Coloured Yarn Lampshade

Such lampshades are easy to made and do not cost much. Just search for different coloured scrap yarns and arrange them in different layers creatively.

Coloured Yarn Lampshade
Img : pinimg

Copper Wire Lampshades

Give an all-new and unique look to your living space by hanging copper wire lampshades equipped with pendant light fixtures. These modern and unique lampshades change the entire look of your room.

copperwire lampshade
Img : pinimg