Carpet Designs
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The season is actually making atmosphere wintry day by day. Thus, you must have started experiencing cold vibe while stepping on the floor barefoot. Hence, we have bought amazing carpet designs to help you stay warm while walking aka roaming around different rooms and open spaces at home. So, without trying to find out what we are talking about just start rolling down the page and check it out:

1. Hand Woven Woolen Carpet

This is the warmest stuff as the carpet is 100% hand woven. A carpet made with traditional techniques looks thick but it is worth investment. Also, the spectacular designs available in this kind of woolen carpet are unique and durable. The high-quality material used in the making of these hand-woven woolen carpets makes them look alluring and ensures long-time use. Also, these carpets need low-maintenance and don’t even loose colours.

Hand Woven Woaolen Carpet
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2. Knitted Woolen Carpet

Get a knitted woolen carpet for home this winter and add warmness to the home in style. This is best suitable for bedroom, study and kids room. There is a range of colours and designs available in this carpet in comparison to the other variety.

Knitted Woolen Carpet
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3. Woolen Swedish Carpet

Popular as Wool carpet or Scandinavian one this item is also a smart option. The thinness of the wool and the use of bright colours in this masterpiece offer an elegant look. We suggest you check design dimensions when it comes to purchasing it as not all homes will look stunning with blocks, checks and even thick borders. So, choose wisely.

Woolen Swedish Carpet
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4. Stair Carpet

Often called as stair runner this is a magnificent item to sideline coldness. The grey-colour itself gives a warm and cozy feel and the woolen fabric ensure protect against coldness. There are multiple colours and designs available in this kind of carpet but the size matters the most. So, check before you buy.

Stair Carpet
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  1. Makenzie Hand Woven Woolen Carpet

This fragile looking carpet is placed in a stylish manner. The wool is artistically used in the making of this kind of carpet and the critical design of the same asks for careful handling. So, you are suggested to place a solid colour rug on the floor and then place this artistic piece of wool on the top. Place a Makenzie hand woven carpet when you have guests at home.

Makenzie Hand Woven Woolen Carpet
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6. Persian Woolen Carpet

The entire carpet is made from wool but the embroidery work is crafted with silk thread in Persia. Also, these designs are impeccable and no other design stands in front of these beautiful carpets. Also, you can buy from a range of bright colour combination when it comes to shopping of Persian woolen carpet.

Persian Woolen Carpet
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7. Mughal Woolen Carpet

These are made by 100% wool and the designs crafted on them are bold. These carpets have more of geometrical designs and solid colours. Thus check out multiple colours and designs before buying.

Mughal Woolen Carpet
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