Vastu Tips for Kitchen
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Vastu Shastra is the science of architecture and is a tried and tested method of bringing positive energy to the place you live. All kinds of energies prevail at home, but the kitchen attracts ample energies, good and bad. If you want to enhance its aura, you need to follow some Vastu tips for kitchen.

As we know, the kitchen is an integral part of every home; thus, a proper Vastu kitchen position is crucial. Another reason to take Vastu consultation for the kitchen is to stay healthy as wrong positing of the cooking junction causes health problems in all family members. The positioning of a kitchen right below the washroom and adjoining wall with toilet leads to regular health issues and is the primary cause of obesity.

 If you have a bare home and are confused about building your kitchen, reserve the south-east area of your dream home for the kitchen. The fire element rules this direction, so this is a perfect corner for your kitchen. If you don’t find a suitable place in this direction, then the kitchen in north west direction is also good.

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So, here we are listing some Vastu tips for kitchen:

Vastu tips for kitchen:

  1. Cooking gas is the essential part of your kitchen, and you should place it in the right direction while deciding the layout of your kitchen. The Element of Fire governs the south-east direction, so it is the best-suited kitchen direction for placing a gas stove.
  2. The female members of the family face health issues like back pain, stress, and stomach issues, including digestive problems and leg pain if the kitchen is constructed in the wrong direction.
  3. Having both cooktop [Agni] and Washbasin [Jal] close to each other leads to the wrong Vastu location and is the major cause of quarrel in the family. This is so because Agni and Jal can’t get together, and thus, having both these elements closer creates a negative environment.
  4. According to Vastu Shastra, it is advised to hang a curtain or install a wood, glass, or any other kind of partition between the entrance and kitchen gateway to curb knee and back pain in the women members of the family.
  5. Vastu for kitchen sink and stove also plays an important role in maintaining good health. Sinks and taps indicate the flowing water in the kitchen and should always be placed in the north-east direction. Yiu should not place Sinks anywhere near the stove, and the stove should always get placed in the east direction.

Vastu for kitchen utility area in a home is the place where most people store grain and other edibles. Thus, it is important to know the proper Vastu for the kitchen and utility area to maintain good health. So, here are the Vastu tips for Utility Area to structure the storage space of your home:

Vastu Tips for Utility Area

  1. Build a storeroom in the North-West direction of your home to maintain the smooth flow of wealth supply in the family.
  2. A utility room must have two shutters, and this space can be built in any direction apart from the South-west direction.
  3. A utility room’s windows should be designed either in the East or West.
  4. Choose a White, Blue, or Yellow color for the utility room as they make the space look capacious and release positive vibes.
  5. You must hang Lord Vishnu painting or a photo frame on the wall facing towards the East direction.
  6. Grain stocks should be kept in the South-west corner, and the grains for everyday use should be placed in the North-west direction.
  7. Try to have water supply provision in a pitcher or any vessels while storing water in the utility room.

So, these are some Vastu tips for kitchen and Utility area to avoid all your health-related problems. To enjoy peaceful and blissful life, organize your place according to the science of construction, Vastu Shastra.