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Toran or a bandarwal as it common known is said to be auspicious on the occasion of Diwali and other festivals. Do, instead of hanging those old or regular designed tarn try these beautiful and trendy bandarwals to bring home good fortune by setting up a pleasant entry. Scroll down the page and check the most beautiful looking torans to decorate home this Diwali.

  1. Net & Ribbon Toran

Place this colourful and beautifully crafted toran at the entry door and offer home a smart look. The multiple colours offer a nice combination and the flowers designed by using satin ribbon elevate the entire home décor. You can also use a single-coloured net or any colour combination but make sure the colours go well with the door and exterior paint.

Net and Ribbon Toran
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2. Necklace Toran

This toran looks more like a neckpiece and less of a bandarwal. In fact, the detailed work crafted in this door hanging is of premium quality and will offer a matchless finish. The delicate look of this door hanging ensures a chic look. So, bring home this kind of bandarwal and give door a decorative style.

Necklace Toran
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3. Marigold Garland

Buy garlands made form fresh marigold flowers and use them as a door hanging. You can add fresh leaves to the same as it will also offer a smart look. You can also hang rose flower garland to offer a different look.

Marigold Garland
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4. Fax Flower Décor

Bring home this kind of door hanging and decorate the entry gate. This kind of bandarwal is available in various colour combinations such as Yellow, Red and more.

Fax Flower Décor
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  1. Bell Leaf Toran

This beautiful toran made from terracotta (mitti) offers a traditional look and will also enhance the overall home décor. This is a traditional way to decorate home on the occasion of Diwali.

Bell Leaf Toran
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6. Cloth-based Toran

This spectacular looking cloth-based toran is new and will make your home look beautiful. You can choose from multiple designs and colour combinations in order to hang the best decorative door hanging on the occasion of Diwali.

Cloth-based Toran
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7. Paper-based Toran

Bring home this artistically crafted door hanging and decorate home in a stylish manner. We suggest you use glossy paper in order to create a celebratory styled toran.

Paper based Toran
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