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The kitchen is an essential part of a home. This is one such place that keeps the spirit high no matter how difficult time one is going through. Thus, it is necessary to arrange the kitchen in a proper manner.

Wait. As the proper arrangement of kitchen won’t mean to flaunt costly appliances you have in the pantry. But, it surely means that your food junction must be an open door to prosperity and happiness.

Yes, you guessed it right.
That we here are talking about setting up kitchen according to the vastu Shastra. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean sticking to the old traditional styled kitchen space. In fact, the vastu tip for kitchen will add more space and style to the kitchenette.

Scroll down the page and rearrange the cooking arena according to the vastu tips for kitchen:

  1. Setting Up the Cooking Station

The Agni devta alias God of Fire rules on the Southeastern direction. Therefore, place the cooking station in this direction. This will make you face towards the southeast direction which is believed to please the Agni devta who will keep your home safe from the fiery element.  

Setting Up the Cooking Station
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  1. Confine the Refrigerator Space

A refrigerator is a must-have appliance in the kitchen. But, you should place it either in Southwest, South, West or North direction. All these directions are said to bring in wealth and prosperity. Therefore, make sure that your refrigerator won’t lock the incoming of these two things.

Confine the Refrigerator Space
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  1. Exhaust Out the Bad Vibes

Winds in the atmosphere directly affect us. So, it is utmost important to exhaust all the negativity from your home. The best action plan to accomplish this thing is setting up a window with an exhaust fan. But, the twist is that the window should face towards the East. In the same way, the ventilator or a duct should have its outflow in the Southern direction. So, you can either add anyone of these or both in the respective directions.

Exhaust Out the Bad Vibes
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  1. Store it Right

The storage space plays a significant role in the kitchen. But, be cautious as the cluttered way of storing food and other ingredients at the cooking junction is not a good thing. Get the storage cabinets installed in Southern or Western direction. Never ever, design the store in North and East direction. As it is not good enough to stock hold something in these two zones.

Store it Right
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  1. Keep the Water Flow Well-Positioned

The water element rules the Northeast direction. That is why keep your water solutions in positioned in this direction. Thus, make sure you to fit the pipes accurately and seamlessly.

Keep the Water Flow Well-Positioned
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  1. Paint it Vibrant

The vibrant colors are the best source of energy, prosperity, and happiness. So, change the color of your kitchen to Red, Yellow, Green, Orange, Purple or even brown. These colors will absorb more positivity in comparison to the dull or light colors.

Paint it Vibrant
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Do consider these Vastu tips for kitchen and enlighten your home with happiness and good luck.