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Vastu For Home: The kid’s room of every home is the centre of attractions for sure. Your kids are the most valuable gifts from God almighty. So, if you are planning to construct your dream home, you must take good kids room vastu care of your kid’s room so that it can be built according to the suggestions of vastu tips for kids room

However, according to the recommendation of vastu for kids room, the room of your kids has a great impact on their studies and careers. Having Vastu dosh can adversely impact your kids and can be a cause for numerous difficulties. Therefore, to secure a good future for your kids, you must ensure that you make the kids bedroom as per vastu shastra. Here in this article, you’ll get a few helpful Vastu tips for your kid’s room. The vastu tips for kids room will help you to get rid of everlasting difficulties by eliminating all the Vastu dosh for sure. So, let’s check them all!

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Kids Room Vastu Tips #1: Direction of the Kid’s Room

The kid’s room should have a proper direction, as Vastu shastra suggests. The right approach should be the west side of the house. Keeping the right direction as per children bedroom vastu will encourage your kids to perform better in their studies or career. Moreover, if you can eliminate the harmful impacts of vastu dosh, your kids will be full of positive energies. So, it is highly recommended that you must make the kids bedroom as per vastu suggests.

Kids Room Vastu Tips #2: Direction of the Bed

According to children bedroom vastu, ensuring the proper direction of the bed is equally important as the direction of the kid’s room. The best direction to place the bed is the south-west side of the room. However, here in this scenario, only placing the bed in the right direction is not enough. You must ensure the right head position of your kids while sleeping in the bed. According to children bedroom vastu shastra, the right head position is the east or south portion of the home. You are ensuring kids bedroom as per vastu will enable your kids to become calm and attentive. 

Kids Room Vastu Tips #3: The Entrance of the Room

According to the Vastu shastra, your kid’s room entrance has some profound impacts as well. The best direction of the entrance in the north or east side of the room. Additionally, it would be best to avoid any wall sides for making your kid’s room entrance. Instead, you can make the room’s entrance by maintaining a proper proportional way so that you can get the middle portion of the room for making the entrance.

Kids Room Vastu Tips #4: Avoid Placing Mirror in the Room

According to vastu shastra, placing a mirror in the kid’s room can harm your kids. The mirror can attract the evil spirit in the room. And the kids can get distracted or less attentive due to the mirror. So, make sure that you are not planning to place any mirror in the kid’s room. 

Kids Room Vastu Tips #5: Kids Room Color Ideas as Per Vastu

The kids room color ideas as per vastu, is one of the most important things to be considered while planning for painting. First, of course, you should apply any bright colour so that the positivity can always remain in place. However, the best-suited colours for your kid’s room are Green and Blue. Apart from that, you must avoid considering any dark shade for the kid’s room as vastu has a strict restriction on dark colors. Although, if you have any difficulties in selecting the colours, you can get plenty of kids room color ideas as per vastu by searching online.

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Kids Room Vastu Tips #6: Direction of the Furniture

Your children’s room can’t be completed until you place a few essential pieces of furniture for them. The most common furniture includes the study table, chairs, cabinets, and so forth. But only keeping the furniture won’t help much if you don’t place them properly as vastu for kids room suggests. However, the most suitable direction for placing the furniture is the south-west side of the room. Maintaining the proper direction of the furniture will help your kids to get more attentive toward their studies.

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Well, we hope that you have got some helpful vastu tips for kids room in this article for making your kid’s room according to vastu shastra. There is no denying that the kids are the priority to every parent. So, if following these vastu tips for kids room can brighten the future of your kids, it would be best that you apply all the vastu tips while making your kid’s room.