Colour Full Tile
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The flooring of a home talks a lot about you. Thus, it is important to choose the flooring material according to the home décor, interiors and the wall paints. But, many a time people think about having a uniform style of flooring at their place. This similar-styled flooring deprives the home décor and thus all your efforts to make home a stylish abode goes into vain.

But, Vastu Shastra again came to your rescue as this scientific way of home décor help you choose the best flooring material.

yellow-coloured tile
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Vastu Shastra suggests the use of yellow-coloured tile in the Southwest direction. So, try to have a porch or a kid’s bedroom in this arena.

Blue colored floor titles
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Give your living room a classic look by using blue-colored floor titles. The north direction is said to be the best to construct the living room arena.

Pink shades kitchen tiles
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You must choose red or pink shades in the flooring of a kitchen. Also, make sure to construct the cooking station in the Southeast direction of your home.

White marble flooring
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The white marble flooring is believed to bring in a lot of positivity and goodness home. But, installing this coloured flooring material in the puja ghar or devotional space is not a good idea according to the Vastu Shastra.