NRIs’ Investment In Indian Realty
Source : holisticinvestment

With a plethora of valid reasons, Non-Resident Indians have found Indian realty a good deal for investment and long-time benefit.  While earning foreign currencies abroad, it is always safe for populaces of Indian-origin in abroad to invest in their homeland for heavy return in terms of security and equity.

Here are 5 tips that NRIs must check before investing in Indian real estate.

  1. Set your Preference

 Real estate investment is not a matter of small transactions. Hence, one must be sure of the requisites before selecting the property and making the payment. The requisites include the right type of property – residential or commercial – at right location with ample benefits and amenities. You must be sure of what you are looking forward to in form of ROI.

  1. Dig in Real Estate Developers’ Profile

In order to make it a safe investment, it’s important and must be mandatory to dig through the developers’ biography and check their projects, reviews, reputation in marketing, cases filed (if any), and other important aspects.

  1. Study the Location Policies

 There lie different policies for different locations in India. Thus, you are strongly advised to go through the policies in detail and select the location the policies of which best suits your requirement and condition. Policies can either be obtained online or can be requested from the respective developers.

  1. Tax Issues

NRIs can claim several tax benefits while purchasing a property in India. You must go through the tax obligations before signing the agreements. The tax obligation papers may affect the expected ROI.

  1. Check the Location Benefits

Location of a property plays a crucial role in revenue generation through properties. One must make an in-depth evaluation of the offered location, especially if you are buying the property online.  Also, it will be more than just fruitful if you get a fair idea of the most preferred location for residency or commercial through family, friends, or online research.

Investment is always fruitful if done for a long term. Particularly for the Indian real estate, investment gives the fruit in long-time. So, we advise the investors to keep on investing – as real estate is never going to set back in terms of ROI.