Rental Home
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Finding a good rental home is not an easy task. You have to do a lot of research beforehand to grab the best home that suits well for yourself and your family. Starting from security, monthly rent, neighbourhood to flexibility of the landlord, there are a lot more things which one has to keep in mind. So, it’s advisable to create a wishlist for your rental home in advance so as to avoid any hassle later. Take a look:

Wish List 1: Size of Home

This should be on the top of the list. Suppose you need a home for your complete family, then to accommodate everyone, you need a big house. But in case you are a bachelor then a small studio will work for you. So, decide accordingly.

Wish List 2: Neighbourhood and Safety

This is another feature which must be a part of your wishlist. You must check neighbourhood features like distance from the office, school, hospitals, banks, entertainment, and recreation centers and proximity to other convenience stores. For instance, there are many rental localities in Delhi that are surrounded by well-established markets, restaurants, malls, hospitals, etc. So, living on rent in such localities is definitely a boon.

At the same time, safety and security are also an utmost requirement especially in case you are living alone or living with senior citizens or kids.

Wish List 3: Flexibility

Always look for a landlord who must be flexible towards different issues. Like, if you want to personalize the rental home, then he/she should give you requisite permission for the same. There are many landlords who do not allow home decoration and if something is done without permission, they deduct the maintenance cost from the advance money which you have submitted at the time of shifting.

There are some other landlords, who do not allow any guest to stay in the home overnight. Clear all these points beforehand, so that after shifting it should not create a menace.

Wish List 4: Additional Accessories

If you are looking for a fully-furnished rental home, then check all the appliances beforehand, so that you should not buy anything extra which is of no use. Also, check the working condition of all the appliances and report any damage in advance.

Wish List 5: Picture every Corner

Before finalizing any rental home, imagine a big picture in your mind like which furniture to a place where home much extra space will be left, how to use corner space, etc. This will help you in accessing the outlook of the home clearly.