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Every year brings some freshness or a wave of innovative style with them. The same happened in 2018 that has brought many changes in the home décor world. So, as this year is all set to end and 2019 is about to start, everyone wants to know that what will be in trend next year.

Scroll down as we will give you a hint about 5 home décor trends that are likely to be followed in the New Year i.e 2019 so that you can plan to design your home accordingly:

Natural Elements

Easter Mason Jar Planters
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Go green is the new slogan in today’s time. With decreasing air quality index, people want to add a décor that can clean their home as well as the whole atmosphere. Vertical Gardens, herb garden, small green planters etc. are a few things that will definitely be going to follow in the next year too.

Multi-Functional Furniture

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Gone are the days when people place different furniture in their home for various purposes. With space crunch a big issue among home buyers, Multi-Functional furniture is gaining momentum in the home décor. These items not only give a new and innovative look to your home but can also function differently during a different time. Furniture like ottomans, poufs, multi-function storage beds is some of the popular examples in this category.

LED Lighting

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With government focusing more on the usage of LED bulbs, even the traditional fixtures have now started using such lights instead of the outdated high powered bulbs in order to save electricity. Today, almost all the lighting fixtures such as wall sconces, chandeliers, drop metal lights and ceiling lights are using LED bulbs to brighten up different areas of their home.

Statement Walls

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Be ready to give your home walls a new look by painting them with geometrical patterns, motifs, abstract art, and textured patterns and murals. The trend of statement walls will take over in 2019.

Eco-friendly Décor Items

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These days most of the homeowners want to infuse eco-friendly décor items as they add unique style-statement to any are where they are placed. The use of Coconut coir Doormats, jute carpets, moss walls, bamboo sofas, chairs and tables, terracotta and hempcrete bricks will gain more popularity in the coming year.