5 questions you must ask a property broker
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A home buying procedure is a stressful activity, but the sheer amount of search, research, and running around can make the property buying a daunting task. Of course, you are on the right track if you think it is a wise decision to take assistance from a professional brokerage house. This move can help you in a big way, taking out all the stress out of the journey and making it a pleasant experience that it should be.

However, this is only the beginning. Once you step in the market, you realize that there are hundreds of property brokers in the areas you are looking for your dream home. Thus, choosing a wrong broker can devastate your plans and it may also lead to wrong decisions. So, the question is how to go about it? How to choose the right broker? Here we tell you the best way out. Ask the below-mentioned questions to the property brokers whom you choose as your real estate agent.

  1. How many transactions do you execute in a year?

The answer to this question will give you the kind of bandwidth and attention the broker will be able to provide you. If he is handling too many transactions that means you won’t get much time from him and he may rush you to make a decision.

  1. What kind of properties do you deal with?

In an ideal situation, you should be choosing a property broker who deals in the kind of property you are looking at. For instance, if you are looking for a residential plot, you should not go with the one who is doing most of the transactions in the high-rise apartment projects.

  1. What are the key demand and supply drivers in the locality?

It is a sort of generic, media-type of questions. But it gives you a preview of the broker’s knowledge about the area. Your property broker must know what drives property prices in the locality. What are the key projects coming up in the area? What will it look like after 2-5 years?

  1. His sound knowledge of the real estate market?

If a property broker is really experienced and well-versed in the area he or she operates, then the realtor would share loads of information with you about the past and present of the locality. In fact, the broker you hire must know how the locality and the performance of real estate sector in the past.

  1. How will you identify the right property for me?

Your broker should have some plan in mind to make things happen for you. The realtor must ask you relevant questions about your preferences on size, location, facilities, and budget, etc. Ideally, a property broker should have a questionnaire for you to get the responses. It all depends on how professional the realtor is and how capable he or she will be to help you out.

In short, a property broker should know the locality, nature of property market and should also have a sheer understanding of the buyer’s prospect at the back of his hand.