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Vastu indoor plants: Undoubtedly, green plants are the real gift to us from nature. If you have a small rooftop garden in your home, you are one of the fortunate persons in the world. However, even there are many people, despite living in a small flat having plenty of green indoor plants.

However, do you have any knowledge about vastu indoor plants for home? You would be surprised to know that according to the vastu shastra, a few vastu plants for home can bring positivity, fortune, happiness, and prosperity to your life. In this article, we will let you know about the five best indoor plants according to vastu that are capable of bringing all the positive vibes in your home for sure. So, let’s explore the indoor plants according to vastu so that you can get the logic to get a few vastu plants for home.

Vastu Plants For Home: Money Plant

According to the vastu shastra, the money plant is one of the best vastu indoor plants to bring prosperity to your home. But to get the best vastu benefits, you have to place this plant in the proper place by maintaining the right direction. For example, according to the vastu shastra, if you place the money plant on the southeast side of your sitting room, you can get the best benefits out of it. 

Besides that, the money plant is capable of purifying the air in the room. Therefore, keeping a money plant in your home can purify the air as well that you breathe. 

Vastu Indoor Plants: Tulsi

Tulsi (Holy Basil) is considered a goddess according to the Hindu religion. This auspicious plant is considered the queen of all herbs. It can detoxify the human body if anyone can intake it regularly. This is one of the best vastu plants for house. You can get many benefits from tulsi in your everyday life if you keep it in your home. As vastu suggests, if you keep tulsi in your home, you’ll be able to stay closer to God, and you’ll grow a positive vibe in you all the time. 

However, most people love to keep tulsi in their homes. But keeping in the right direction is important for getting the best results. So, according to vastu, it is best to keep this plant in the northeast direction. 

Lucky Bamboo Indoor Plants As Per Vastu

The lucky bamboo is another indoor plants as per vastu for keeping in home. This plant is ideal for gifting purposes. It is strongly believed that this plant works best if gifted to each other. According to vastu, if you get a lucky bamboo as a gift, it can bring luck, wealth, and happiness to the home. However, to get the best vastu benefits out of it, you must take good care of this plant so that the leaves can’t be dried in any manner.

Indoor Plant According To Vastu: Aloe Vera

The Aloe Vera is one of the best indoor plants as per vastu that can fill your home with extreme positivity. The Aloe Vera is among the few plants that produce maximum oxygen. Therefore, keeping this vastu plants inside house is beneficial for you. Apart from that, the vastu plants inside housem including Aloe Vera, have a lot of health benefits. Even in the ancient era of Ayurveda, this plant was extremely popular for treating numerous diseases. However, even these days, keeping such indoor plants as per vastu can provide the best benefits.

Vastu Plants Inside House: Lily Plant

The Lily plant is also a highly beneficial vastu plants for house. In a very natural way, many people love to keep this plant in their homes due to its sweet fragrance. According to vastu, this plant is a queen of love and peace. The Lily plant is highly effective for those who are having difficulties sleeping at night. Keeping this plant inside the bedroom can decrease the chance of any sleeping disorder. Especially, it is one of vastu plants for house that are extremely helpful with the patient of acute Insomnia. 

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Well, we believe that you have got enough information about vastu indoor plants in this article. This is apparent that keeping vastu plants inside house is highly beneficial for everyone. Therefore, if you don’t have any indoor plants according to vastu, you can get some vastu plants for home to get the best benefits.

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