Trendy Cushions Covers
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Offer a new look to your home by replacing the typical old-style bolsters with these trendy cushions. In fact, you can mix and match these soft headrest things according to the trend. Also, the pillion adds stylish look to room thus it is important to cover them in a stylish manner.

The market offer a variety of cushion covers. So, check out the below-mentioned pillion covers and make your place look splendid and different from others.

  1. Geometric Flaming Cushion Cover – 

These cushion covers are best to set the mood for a bright summer season.  The two flamingo birds in a contemporary look offer a pleasing site. The pastel shades of this particular cushion cover make the environment lively and fresh. The geometric flamingo cushion is ideal to place on chair or a single sofa chair.

Geometric Flaming Cushion Cover
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  1. Moroccan Tile Printed Cushion Cover –

The Moroccan-styled tile design looks classic and are available in different colors. Cover your sofa pillions with twin-colored cushion covers and add a funky look to the room. You can place blue and yellow or yellow and red, etc color combination as per the choice.

Moroccan Tile Printed Cushion Cover
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  1. Get Personalized Cushion Cover – 

Offer a personal touch to the cushions by personalizing them. These covers are best for the bolsters placed in your bedroom. This gives a romantic touch to the atmosphere and spice up the life.

Get Personalized Cushion Cover
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  1. Cashmere Cushion Cover – 

This is an unusual cushion cover. The buttons on these cushion covers gives an official kind of look. Also, the fabric used in Cashmere cushion covers is extremely soft and delicate. On a whole, this cushion offers a chic look to the room.

Cashmere Cushion Cover
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  1. Burlap Bow Cushion Cover –

Style your home with this trendy cushion cover on special occasions. The bow-style design will make your cushion look pretty and beautiful.  So replacing the old cushion covers with this one on birthdays or anniversary.

Burlap Bow Cushion Cover
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  1. Velvet Cushion Cover –

Velvet is a fabric that offers royal look. So, make your abode look like a castle by putting up the velvet cushion covers to the bolsters. This comes in bright colors and thus gives a contrast color combination to the wall colors and other home décor items.

Velvet Cushion Cover
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  1. 3D Cushion Cover –

Today you also have an option to style squabs with 3D printed covers. The crystal clear prints make the cushions look real and awesome too.

3D Cushion Cover
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  1. Harlequin Cushion Cover –

This cushion cover has precisely designed prints that make the covers look perfect. It’s color combinations offer a positive feel. These cushion covers enhance the look of your sofa or a couch in the lobby or library.

Harlequin Cushion Cover
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  1. French Cushion Cover –

The fine French fabric and pretty-shapes on these covers will make your cushion glow like a star. The use of silk threads on these cushion covers gives an elegant touch to the bolsters.

French Cushion Cover
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  1. Vintage Cushion Cover – 

Experience the ancient-style living by placing these cushion covers on the pillions. These covers offer a backflash of the period times and give an exquisite look to the room.

Vintage Cushion Cover
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All these cushion covers are available in different sizes and colors. So, choose the bolster covers according to your choice.