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The balcony gives an extended space to the family as this makes you sit idle and enjoy leisure time. Also, you can relax and give a second thought to the decision before going for them. Therefore, the balcony plays a significant role in making home a happy place for living. But in case you give your home a makeover via DIY tricks then let us tell you that sometimes it’s good to take professional’s help instead of doing things on your own as doing things yourself can ruin the look and style of your home.

Hence you must know when you need to hire an interior designer and how this professional can help you in perfecting home décor.

  1. North and East directions are the best to design a balcony at your Home
  2. Make sure you don’t have South or West facing balcony as it restricts the entry of positivity and happiness inside a home.
  3. Cover the South, West and Southwest direction of your home with a wall or chic as it increases bad vibes around.
  4. One must have a lower balcony roof in comparison to the home’s main roof.
  5. Try to install Tin-based roofing for the Balcony as it prevents entry of evil eye inside a home.
  6. The balcony should not have arch-shape such as round or a curve one.
  7. You must always plant indoor plants in the balcony. Also, one can turn this open space into shoe rack but make sure you place the shoe rack in the North-East direction.
  8. Also consider having a sloping roof towards South, West and South-West Direction.
  9. A balcony must have light-weighted furniture as it won’t obstruct the entry of sunlight into a home.
  10. You can also hang a swing in the East or the West direction to have the regular flow of energy at home.

These ten-points will allow you design a better balcony at home and will also maintain the inflow of positivity, good fortune and wealth into your life.